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Why Invest in Boise, Idaho?

Meet Boise: The Best-Appreciating Metropolitan Area in the U.S.

Located on the Boise River in southwestern Idaho, Boise is the state capital and the county seat of Ada County.

The metropolitan area is considered Boise-Nampa and is also known as the Treasure Valley. With a combined population of more than 700,000 people, the Treasure Valley also includes five counties. It is the most populous metro area in Idaho, containing the state’s three largest cities; Boise, Nampa, and Meridian.

Most of Treasure Valley is set on a broad, flat plain, descending to the west. Mountains rise to the northeast, stretching from the far southeastern tip of the Boise city limits to nearby Eagle. Known as the Boise foothills, they are sometimes described as the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Nestled approximately 41 miles east of the Oregon border and about 110 miles north of the Nevada border, Boise occupies a large area — 64 square miles, and is 2,704 feet above sea level.

Like all major cities, it has several neighborhoods, including the Bench, the North End, West Boise, and Downtown.

Downtown Boise is the cultural hub and home to many small businesses and a few mid-rises. A variety of local boutiques and a growing presence of dining, retail, and entertainment options fill the area. Downtown Boise’s main attractions include the Idaho State Capitol, the classic Egyptian Theatre on the corner of Capitol Boulevard and Main Street, the Boise Art Museum on Capitol in front of Julia Davis Park, and Zoo Boise on the grounds of Julia Davis Park.

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From families to food and drink enthusiasts to white water rafters and back country hikers, the greater Boise area is a vibrant, healthy and fun community bursting with activities for everyone. The quality of life is amazing, and the cost of living is reasonable.

For property owners, Boise is the best appreciating metropolitan area in the United States over the last five years. That’s right, number one! Read the full report by the federal government here.

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Boise Continues to Grow

Boise continues to grow as people from all over the world (even California!) continue to flock to the area to take advantage of the easy access to the outdoors, great food and culture, as well as the low cost of living. WalletHub agrees, calling Boise the 2nd best capital city in the US! Learn more here.

WalletHub also dubbed Meridian (part of the Treasure Valley) the #1 small city for growth and #4 for job growth. Read more here.

Boise eases its regulations regarding ADUs – and for investors, this could mean a more simple process for adding units to a parcel.

For pet lovers, the entire state of Idaho ranked among the top pet-friendly states in the nation.

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Investing in Real Estate Shouldn't Be Confusing

Investing in real estate shouldn’t be confusing. It shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t be intimidating. Boise Turnkey has taken the Turnkey investing model and turned it on its head.

Breaking the Mold

Most turnkey companies find, rehab and place tenants, and then sell the property AFTER they’ve already squeezed every last ounce of equity out for themselves, leaving you to solely rely on cash flow to shore up your portfolio, crossing your fingers in hopes that the furnace doesn’t go out, erasing any possible profit for a year or two.

We Focus on You

At Boise Turnkey, we start with you, where you are in the investment cycle. We work with each investor individually to find properties that meet their criteria and negotiate a great deal on their behalf. We oversee rehab at our client’s discretion, ensuring the equity goes in to our client’s pockets, not ours.

Beyond Your Investment

Finally, our sister company, will screen, place and manage high quality tenants for you. The process is seamless and our clients can be as active or as passive in the process as they like.

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