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Having a mindset of abundance and sharing knowledge is of the utmost importance in real estate investing. Corby Goade, the founder of Boise Turnkey, thrives on sharing his experience and knowledge with other investors at every opportunity and has found that sharing everything he knows has only brought more knowledge, experience and opportunity. He loves to speak at investor’s meetings, agent team meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Customized Messages

Corby will customize his message to meet the needs of the audience, meeting investors wherever they are in their journey. He loves to help new investors get a start, and he specializes working with new investors, helping them to put together a plan and the tools they need to get in the game.

Interactive, Entertaining Presentations

During break-out sessions at conferences, Corby discusses “The Real Estate Investing Continuum,” helping investors understand the pros and cons of different types of investing and how the related strategies can be influenced by local and regional markets. His presentations are interactive, entertaining and enlightening. The audience not only gets the benefit of learning real estate investing for real people with real jobs, real lives and real responsibilities, but also from his “hands-on” experience. His presentations aren’t canned, and the audience has opportunites to participate and ask questions throughout.

Corby Goade, Dynamic Speaker

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