The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Boise, Idaho (Continued)

Earlier this month, we discussed some tax benefits of investing in real estate. We covered deductions and depreciation, and we’re continuing the conversation with capital gains and 1031 exchanges.  Capital Gains Capital gains are the profits investors make when they sell their residential, commercial, or industrial property. The benefit of capital gains is the lower […]

The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Boise, Idaho

There’s a reason real estate investing is so popular and successful. Many millionaires rank real estate as the best investment to get the highest return on investment. And who doesn’t want to be a millionaire, right? So let’s cover some tax benefits of investing in real estate. First, why are there tax benefits for real […]

How to calculate returns that work for YOU!

              Some people are big picture people. Some people are detail oriented. Many of us fall somewhere in the middle. Not me- I am absolutely a big picture person, much to the chagrin of the people on my team who have to dot all of the “I’s” for me as I barrel from deal to […]

How to Screen Tenants the RIGHT Way!

One of the most stressful unknows for new investors is the question of these strangers who will be living in their property. Who will they be? Are they good people? Will they take care of the house? What will they do if there is a leak under the sink? Do they have a 400 pound […]

BRRRR Investing Basics; Step 5: Repeat

This is the easy one, just do it all over again! You’ve done the work and you have your initial investment back in your pocket, now go out and repeat! By now, you have some experience. You’ve worked with a few contractors and you’ve treated them fairly, they’ve treated you fairly, you have the basics […]


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