How to Screen Tenants the RIGHT Way!

One of the most stressful unknows for new investors is the question of these strangers who will be living in their property. Who will they be? Are they good people? Will they take care of the house? What will they do if there is a leak under the sink? Do they have a 400 pound […]

BRRRR Investing Basics; Step 5: Repeat

This is the easy one, just do it all over again! You’ve done the work and you have your initial investment back in your pocket, now go out and repeat! By now, you have some experience. You’ve worked with a few contractors and you’ve treated them fairly, they’ve treated you fairly, you have the basics […]

BRRRR Investing Basics; Step 3: Rent

BRRRR basics, the third R- rent! New investors fret for years on the “B” in BRRRR- buying. That first step is always so scary, the deal has to be PERFECT. Once they have that deal, the agonize over the rehab- nickel and dime their contrators, do as much work themselves as they possibly can in […]

Increased Cash Flow Deals!!!

While appreciation and rent acceleration in Boise has been unbelievable, the highest in the country for a while now, some investors still have concerns about the theoretical cash flow that a rental might provide. With interest rates at historical lows, significant extra cash flow can be created out of thin air, making deals appear where there may […]

We helped our client pick up this duplex near Whitewater park last fall. Both tenants were paying rents well below market rates and were on month to month leases. We immediately started working with them to get rents up to where they should be. One tenant was happy to stay, the other chose to leave. […]


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