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Turnkey Real Estate Investing, Redefined.

Investing in real estate shouldn’t be confusing. It shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t be intimidating. Boise Turnkey has taken the Turnkey investing model and turned it on its head.

Most turnkey companies find, rehab and place tenants and then sell the property AFTER they’ve already squeezed every last ounce of equity out for themselves, leaving you to solely rely on cash flow to shore up your portfolio, crossing your fingers in hopes that the furnace doesn’t go out, erasing any possible profit for a year or two.

At Boise Turnkey, we start with you, where you are in the investment cycle. We work with each investor individually to find properties that meet their criteria and negotiate a great deal on their behalf. We oversee rehab at our client’s discretion, ensuring the equity goes in to our client’s pockets, not ours.

Finally, our sister company, CohesionProperties.com will screen, place and manage high quality tenants for you. The process is seamless and our clients can be as active or as passive in the process as they like.

So- what is it like working with Boise Turnkey? Don’t ask us, read what our clients have to say.